A Wild Camping Microadventure

Wild camping can be one of the most rewarding activities you can do outdoors. It takes you to some beautiful places and where better than rugged Snowdonia. Wild camping isn’t technically legal in Snowdonia and a lot of the land is privately owned, however if you are able to get the land owner’s permission that should be fine. Camp sites are brilliant in their own way but if you don’t want neighbours, screaming kids or drunk teenagers, wild camping can be brilliant way to get some solitude. There is nothing like the excitement of sleeping out under the starts in the wilderness surrounded by mountains.

Another benefit of camping out is that you can go on longer hikes, so you can get a good days worth of walking done and then stay overnight somewhere beautiful. It gives you a bit more freedom with your trip, allows you to explore further. Even in relatively well trodden areas when it starts to get dark you will usually have the place to yourself, as people start to set off home. Sipping a nice cup of tea as the sun sets whilst soaking in the scenery is a pretty perfect end to the day. Snowdonia’s jaggered ridge tops gives the place feel like real wilderness and in a lot of ways it really is. It’s one of the things I love most about it, that it is naturally wild and untamed.

One of the things you learn to do if you end up going wild camping is how to improvise. I’ve fashioned cutlery from cardboard I salvaged from beer packaging, makeshift tent pegs from twigs and duck taped a few holes in the tent before. When you pick your perfect wild camping spot on a map you might find when you get there it might be covered in rocks, or it is actually a swamp or was steeper than you thought. So this might mean you’ll have to look elsewhere. But it’s all part of the fun, adventure should be unpredictable.

What to pack?

-sleeping bag
-sleeping mat
-warm jacket for night time
-head torch
-camping cookware

These are the bare minimum you’ll need.

Whatever you do, leave no trace. So please take any rubbish with you so other people can enjoy it too!