Snowdonia Microadventures

A microadventure is a term popularised by Alastair Humphreys who is a British adventurer who promotes little adventures close to home to give you that little hit of wilderness and adventure that you need to spike your week. Not everybody has the time or money to train and go on long expeditions in far away lands. But most people have the time and money to go on a short trip close to come. You would be surprised by how much adventure you can have in one day or a weekend, especially in place like Snowdonia. Snowdonia pound for pound, is one of the best places to visit in the UK for adventure. I have visited this place so many times and the amount of fun and opportunity to step out of your comfort zone is insane. There are mountains to climb, rivers to kayak, lakes to swim in and forests to explore. Here I would like to share with you an array of microadventure ideas in Snowdonia to hopefully encourage and inform you of the adventures you can have in this wild and beautiful place. When you think of mountains and wilderness you tend to think of far away lands and when I first visited Snowdonia I was pleasantly shocked by how mountainous and raw it was. I think it would be incredible if everybody got to experience that and our aim here at Homegrown Adventure is to make this accessible to you.

Wild Camping In Snowdonia: The Perfect Microadventure

A Wild Camping Microadventure Wild camping can be one of the most rewarding activities you can do outdoors. It takes you to some beautiful places and where better [...]

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Climb Snowdon

Climb Snowdon It’s the place where the giant Rhitta Gawr was slain by the legend King Arthur and one of the very few places in the world where you [...]

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