Harlech Castle

The fortress that towers over the sleepy town

The Harlech Castle was built in the heart of Snowdonia National park. This beautifully crafted stone castle is facing the Irish Sea, giving you breathtaking views with a medieval experience.

In 1283, building of this magnificent castle began and was completed in 1289. The history behind this was that James of St George the master builder and architect was instructed by King Edward 1, during the English invasion of Wales.

The Castle was invulnerable at that time and stood against many attacks. Mainly due to the two rings of walls and towers that surrounded the castle. Also, an immensely, strong east gatehouse was built to defend the castle.

The Castle offers many impressive feature that attracts tourists to one of the most beloved castle in Snowdonia. One of which includes a stairway that is 200 feet in length from top to bottom. During construction these fortified steps were accessible by boat which allowed supplies to be transferred easily and aid construction.

The best masons were used, from Savoy and England. When it was first built, the Sea and Castle would have been connected to the channel. This meant that the castle could be restocked by passing ships. So in the event of a siege supplies could still be restocked. Back then sea levels were much higher but since 1283 sea levels have gone down.

Afterwards, in 1404, during the welsh uprisings the colossal castle was captured by Owain Glyndwr, where he used the castle to hold court to show people he was a serious ruler. However this did not last long as the castle was re – captured by the English in 1409.


Adult – £6.00
Family – £16.20
Student, children under 16 & senior citizens – £4.20
Disabled & companion – free
Children under 5 – free

Visitors Information & Amenities

  • Bicycle stand
  • Toilet
  • Gift shop
  • No smoking
  • Car park
  • Refreshments

Under 16s need to be with an adult
Dogs on leads allowed
No smoking
No drone flying

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Harlech Castle, North Wales by Roger Davies licensed under CC by 2.0
Harlech Castle by William Warby licensed under CC by 2.0
Harlech Castle by Peter Broster licensed under CC by 2.0