Dolbadarn Castle

The finest surviving example of a Welsh round tower

In the 13th century the Welsh Prince commissioned Llywelyn ap Iorwerth to build Dolbadarn Castle. The castle had a very simple design and that is why it is still in a great condition. The Dolbadarn Castle actually predates the English fortresses that were risen after the Edwardian conquest. The castle stands testament towards Llwelyn’s skills and ability.

The castle was built to garrison and block any kind of hostile movement in north wales. It was a strategic vantage point as it was the link to the rest of Wales. The main and most impressive feature of the castle is the round tower that houses a number of chambers. The tower stands at 40ft in height and diameter and it surrounded by walls, some parts of the walls are 8ft thick.
The castle is also fortified with a portcullis and drawbars which barricade the doorways. It would have been a formidable place to attack, luckily we are just here to visit.

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Dolbadarn Castle, Just above Llyn Peris in Llanberis by Garry Platt licensed under CC by 2.0
Dolbadarn Castle, Llanberis Pass, Wales by Agatha Leach, .GREEN licensed under CC by 2.0