It is home to the highest mountain in Wales and it’s also the first and most visited National Park in Wales. It is known as Eryri in Welsh which simply means “the place of eagles”. Snowdonia was founded in 1951, primarily to protect it from those pesky walkers.

The beautiful thing about the national park is that it’s not just full of empty spaces, it is a living and breathing place that has relatively good sized towns like Betws-yCoed, Bala and Harlech, which are all worth a visit. The vast majority of the park is used for raising cattle and sheep. Most people visit the park to go hiking however there is an abundance of climbing and scrambling around the park.

The Snowdonia National Park has an array of landscapes and habitats to explore from the coast, rivers, natural lakes and of course mountains. With around 750,000 people visiting it every year the busiest part is by far Snowdon (1085m). People travel by foot, bike and sometimes even train to the summit every year. Which makes it constant and demanding task for park rangers and volunteers. However there is more than just Snowdon to the park. The welsh name for Snowdon is Yr Wyddfa which means Great Tomb because legend has it that a giant called Rita Gawr was slain here by King Arthur is buried at the summit.

Snowdonia National Park Authority is the national park’s governing body, which is made up of 18 members appointed from Gwynedd, Conwy and the National Assembly for Wales to represent the interest of the nation. This is because Snowdonia is found in multiple regions, part of it can be found in Gwynedd and part of it in the county borough of Conwy.