Chocolate Covered Sunflower Seeds
and Fighter Jets

The essential ingredients of a mountain day

On my final day in Snowdonia we decided to walk in the Ogwen Valley. To be really honest neither I nor my walking partner were overly enthusiastic for the day ahead. However, we knew it had to be done, so we got up early in the hope we would finish earlier and I could get on the road for the long drive home.

The start of the walk up Pen Yr Helgi Du was a tedious hour. Once we had got to the Cairn where we could see the planned route, and there was no long uphill slogs, our spirits soon picked up. Although this boosted moral the pair of us still needed a little cheering up. So out came the food. Chocolate covered sunflower seeds do the trick every time!

A little bit more enthused we battled on to the top of Pen Llithrig Y Wrach, we took the map out and the realisation we had 8km to walk set in. Looking down onto Llyn Cowlyd Reservoir we thought it was best to break the journey up. If we could make it down to the reservoir for lunch within 2 hours, we knew we were making good time. Sure enough we managed to make this and got the best view in Snowdonia of the fighter jets flying through the valley, with the buzzards flying below.

The rest of the journey up and over Creiglau Gleision, through the Forrest and along a track was simple yet stunning.  A lengthy, yet enjoyable walk that I would recommend to anyone seeking a little bit of adventure away from the beaten track.