Yellow Striped Lizard

The surprising find of the day

We planned to walk from Rhy Ddu to Beddgellert via Moel Lefn, Moel yr Ogof and Moel Hebof. From the get go the weather was perfect, the sun was shining and there was not a cloud in sight. As we made it through the forrest and on to Y Gryn we stumbled upon on old quarry. It was one of those little hidden gems that can only be seen by walking in this part of Snowdonia The feeling when we discovered these old ruins was incredible, to picture how this used to be a bustling area, booming with workers in the mining industry and comparing it to the peaceful landscape we were now standing in left us wanting to know more about what happened here.

We scrambled over a pile of rocks, surprisingly only to find a small, striped green and yellow lizard sun bathing on a boulder. I had no idea that lizards lived in this environment in the UK, having only ever seen them wild, abroad. We were only a few hours in, yet there were countless picture perfect moments.

Walking up onto Moel yr Ogof, two hikers asked us if we found the cave, a cave which was supposed to be very famous and have links to the old King of Wales. Feeling the heat of the sun on our backs and the thought of walking back up the same steep hill we just slid down, we decided against going back to find this cave. Carrying on the journey after a long and steep slog up Moel Hebog, we reached the summit. After taking in the sea view to one side and the view of a cloud free Snowdon summit, all we could think about was how we could get to the beach and not waste a perfect day to go surfing. In that moment, nothing else seemed to really matter, other than surfing of course! I looked at my walking partner, who I had only met the previous day, but in that one look, we knew what each other was thinking. Peace. No cars, no noise, no other people. Just the whistling of the birds singing and the thought of going surfing engulfed us in that moment. It’s strange how you can be walking with a total stranger yet share moments which won’t be forgotten any time soon.

We managed to drag ourselves away from the view and headed down the slope to the village of Beddgellert where we could finally relax for the rest of the night. We both drove back to my hostel where we enjoyed a cup of tea. The sort of cuppa which is always needed after a long and tiring day and can put you in the right frame of mind to carry on making the rest of your day as productive as the first half. After we finished our first cup and we were half way through our second, we planned the route for the following day. Four cups of tea later, my walking partner left my hostel and I went straight for a well deserved shower and early night.