About Thomas Wilson

Hi there, my name is Thomas Wilson but that’s not important. I am currently studying a full-time degree at UCLan University in Preston called Outdoor Leadership. I was born and live in Northern Ireland at the moment. As the name of my degree suggests I like to be outdoors a lot, I thoroughly enjoy sports such as hiking, mountain biking, climbing and kayaking. In the past I attended Dromore high school and South Eastern Regional College for education. As I didn’t do too well academically at high school I pursued my career on a “Public Services” course. This was where I found my passion for the outdoors due to several outdoor orientated modules and those who I became close friends with. I did alright on my first year of the course, was more or less having fun rather than going for high grades, but in the second year I decided what I wanted to do after a long period of time thinking. I decided to study Paramedic Science, well that didn’t go to plan. I did get the grades to continue onto paramedic science but was convinced by others and myself that maybe something else would be more appropriate for me as a person. My tutor showed me several different outdoor orientated degrees and well…I felt excited just reading about them. Within a few hours I made my decision to pursue the outdoor leadership programme and left everything else behind. Today I just finished my first academic year of the degree and am ready to start the 2nd.