About Matt Phillips

Hello readers, my name is Matthew Phillips and that was the way I was christened but please call me Matt.I've been taking photos for around 6 years now, first picking up the camera whilst desperately trying to capture some of majesty that it is New Zealand, which me and family briefly called home. After putting eye to lens, seeing the photos displayed on the computer, feeling the satisfaction course through my body, the sense of peace I got through the objectivity, I was hooked.Now I have to level with you, most my adventures are in dark, dingy and decaying buildings with pad locks on the doors and shutters on the windows as my main passion is urban exploring but that said any adventure serves me the same, ointment to my soul, breaking the monotony of the 9 to 5 that most us call reality. Dam, I'm poetic!Although this is 'Home Grown Adventures' so I'm going to keep it pretty, put industrial wreckage to one side and instead I'll do my damnedest to capture the best hidden gems you've never been before.If you enjoy, a fraction as much as I enjoy the process, I will consider this a job well done.Happy adventures.