About Mark Gamblin

Mark Gamblin is a landscape photographer who specializes in mountain and long exposure night sky photography. Growing up in North Wales, but now based in Liverpool, he became serious about photography in 2010. As an avid mountaineer with a love of the outdoors, he pursues his passion of exploring some of the finest mountain scenery the UK has to offer. Along with his camera, rucksack and tent he can often be found wild camping, high up in Snowdonia or the Lake District, searching for that perfect shot and sleeping under the stars (or rain mostly!) He has a strong online following for his photography, which drives him to keep learning and improving in the art of photography. When not up a mountain taking photographs, he enjoys spending time with his girlfriend and friends, taking in some of the local watering holes around Liverpool! You can find him on his Facebook photography page at https://www.facebook.com/markgamblinphotography/