This website was created to enable people to head outdoors. We wanted it to be a place that would inspire and encourage people to go outdoors with fantastic stories shared by a community of adventurers. We envisioned a place where, if you did not have the confidence to go out into the mountains or swim in that lake, that there would be experienced and trained professionals willing to show people the wilderness. We want to eventually provide decent but affordable outdoor gear, to allow the average person to go on adventures safely.


We are just a bunch of regular people looking for adventure and escape. Like Alastair Humphreys’ says, if you want to cycle around the world but are not sure where to start, start small. Look for the little adventures for the faint hearted. Also, not every adventure needs to be an epic. Sometimes that little stroll down the country road is enough of an escape from the 9 to 5. As well as a soul refreshing activity, it might spark just enough interest and sense of adventure for you to take the first steps on a grand adventure.


The name Homegrown Adventure came from the love and admiration of Britain that grew out of years of travelling the world looking for beautiful and wild places. As we explored more of the UK, what we realised was Britain is as beautiful and wild as any place in the world. So we were driven to explore more of what was on our doorstep to see where this Homegrown Adventure would lead us.